Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Friends Who Care...

...Are Friends Who Share", is a bit of a 'get-well' piece I recently did for Liz at the PO3 Y!group. I hadn't hear from her in a while, so I 'enlisted' the help of  'Howler' to use that special spirithopping ability to drop-off a little something.

  These 'simple' manips can be really fun. To me, the idea of becoming a physical duplicate of a horny, busty woman is so hot... especially if the original has a touch of narcissistic lez-lust that she'd like some help exploring! (though that's not the case in this caption.)
  While the MILB in this story may not be a gorgeous, young hottie, I certainly wouldn't complain about being transformed into her likeness! Considering my age and the gene-pool I swam out of, I might look rather like her if things had turned-out differently.

  So, here you have: "Friends Who Care..."

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