Saturday, July 7, 2012

But Seriously! 001

  Hello, everyone!

  There is so little that text can convey, i.m.h.o., that expresses as much as the spoken word, and so little that a picture paints when compared with the communications that come from the whole, living person. I say this in preface to my desire to tell you all how much I deeply appreciate the support and encouragement that knowing you visit this blog gives me. Words seem much too feeble and insufficient to the task of sharing my gratitude! :-(

  This caption is something I started working on several days ago, and it was intended to be a look into the real me, however, not to the degree it reached.

"But Seriously!"

  I apologize for getting too real, as it was never my intent to try and share anything but fun and sexy kinds of things about becoming a woman!  If, having read that, you wish to know more, follow the jump:

  So, if you've taken this step, I welcome you to the explanation of what prompted the departure from my usual, more raunchy efforts.

  I'll be brief here, and just let you know that I have posted and emailed a couple of things to a recently added friend, that tell of some experiences that I had growing up, and some beliefs that I now hold about the way things work in this wonder we know as the cosmos or 'universe', ('uni' = 1. 'verse' = spoken sentence).

  Please know that, while I identify as androgynous or transgender, (a misbegotten female hermaphrodite, whose physical development went awry in the womb, and resulted in a malformed -male formed?- body), I have also come to believe in certain 'conservative' values, which put me in a constant conundrum between who I should be, based on how I feel inside, and who others have come to believe I should be, based on various conventions and traditions and writings. And know also that, having been blessed (i suppose) to be born in the united States of America and at this point in history, I recognize the difference between what many conservatives believe and what the constitution provides for. As well as what many 'people of a certain faith' believe, versus what their revered documents say.

  All of the preceding is to impart that I may very well be starting to go 'off-topic' more in the future, as none know what tomorrow, or even the next hour, may bring. Though, my avocation remains the composition of captions that express the fun, frolic and frivolity that one might encounter at being turned into a woman, there are some other thoughts and concepts that I wish to share before reaching an end.
  Some of the topics might be construed as contrary, but I hope that none take offense, as it is my aim only to share what goes through my mind, not to bring discomfort or discord to people who I respect and admire for having a bigger set of stones than I and being the persons they really are regardless of societal conventions or oppressions.

  Ever and truly, Peace,Love&Kisses;


  1. Lovely caption, but you knew that.

    I must apologise, I attempted to leave a comment last night but I was so tired I must have failed to actually send it! I shall try again.

    In relation to your question: I have only really 'come out' properly to two friends after splitting with Toby and to my wife. Of those three people, only one was in any way interested and vaguely supportive. I did it because I wanted to be honest. Just that.

    In the meantime, rant away my dear.

  2. Hang in there Elle.

    - Donnie

  3. Thank you, both!

    Donnie; I do what I can, it just seems to be less as time passes.

    Bex; We all have to start somewhere, and not all of us are able to go as far as we might wish to, while our circumstances may keep us from doing so. Just like I have to keep mindful that many who frequent this blog may not have, for whatever reason, taken the few steps that we have. And there is no fault or failure in that, simply the realities of the lives we live.