Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty & the Bends

  This little adventure in transformation came from one of the images that 'Neorotoxin' posted for use at Rachel's Haven. In composing the story, I 'enlisted' the aid of Chel as the agent of change, believing my favorite little Mer-babe would not mind helping out a couple of guys who might otherwise perish beneath the rolling waves of the harsh mistress which is the sea.

  Exotic gasses or bubbly nitrogen aside, after surfacing with new bends like these, I'd definitely be ready to go diving again... and have my sunken treasure dived on as well!!!

  Here's hoping that you enjoy the pounding surf and salty spray of...

   "Beauty & the Bends"

  And this is an 'interlude' to a larger series I've been  doing for 'Apokol', which, as go so many of my longer stories, is far from done. I was just moved one day to throw together a manip toward lending scale to the main characters and theme. What resulted was...

    "Caught by L'Wahn: Passersby"



  1. i love that series!

    Sorry that i have not come up with a new caption for you, for so long so we can continuo......the caption bug is leeping right now but maybe it will wake up in teh near future

    1. Not to worry, dear! I fully understand! Between my 'caption bug naps' and trying work on other stories which are in progress, not to mention having to do stuff in RL, I'm not very fast at getting some things done either.

      Though, last night I was just thinking about L'Wahn needing to continue KrissT'ah's lessons!

      I haven't been keeping any scores or accounts of who "owes" any caps to whom -I go crazy for trying!

      Whenever you can, dear, it's all good!!!