Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Caps; The Work of Liz

Hey everybody! Here are a few examples of the stuff that 'Liz / saracen knight' does, over at the PO3 Yahfoo group. A dear and a friend, we spent a good while trading caps and barbs until... well, no need to bring that up -again.

Quite the lover of 'Hopper' and 'Possession' themes, she has an amazingly extensive catalog of captions, and even some wonderful 'Futanari' photomanips/captions over at Y! So, if you're so inclined, and (still) have access there, head over and check her out at 'PossessionObsession3'!

"Borrowing Mom"

The rest are to be found here:


"Like Father, Like Son"

"Mob Capture"

"Regretting It"


  1. Thanks for posting them Elle :) -Liz xx

  2. My pleasure, darling! You know how much fun I always had reading and replying to your work when I was in the group! Hopefully showcasing you this way will draw more folks that way for even more fun!

    Hugs&Kisses!! ((xLizX))