Saturday, April 14, 2012

Article: Men become V.R. Women

Virtual reality used to transfer men's minds into a woman's body

Researchers projected men's sense of self into a virtual reality woman, changing the way they behaved and thought...
   It sounds like the scientific community is working toward fostering the desires of ours! Well, this article, and the research behind it go a different direction, but, it shows that they're looking a gender from the perspective of perception rather than conception. Read the full article here


  1. This article is "quite" a bit old, but no further experiments has been done in this field. Ouh and in Spain of course, is where this was held. :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I guess it is a bit dated, didn't look at that when I perused the page. Thanks for the 'heads-up', sweetie!

    It's still pretty cool that they chose to use a female "avatar" to test male subjects. Neuro-tech research is always moving, though, and there's no telling when new breakthroughs will come.


    1. Well that has an "easy explanation". The experiment was held to understand how women an men brains reacts. The "wiring" is believed to be different. Therefore if a man were to "experiment" with a woman's body it would turn out disastrous or so was believed before this experiment. In the experiment they learned that it doesn't matter if there is a man or a woman "controlling the body", the brain can adapt to a different wiring. I mean:

      E.G : we move our hands because there is a "wire" that connects to a nerve terminal inside the terminal center directly to our hands. So if a man has one specific wiring and a woman were to have another (and so it does) each body would react differently or not react at all with that situation in the V.R or in real life.

      Althought in V.R it's possible to overcome this problem, scientists don't know if that would be possible for real. So it also doesn't explain why there are people with a woman's brain inside a male body or viceversa. (not only psychologically but physically too).

      I'm a bit science nerd :P

      Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. Wow! Your tutelage is most appreciated, darling! And I spend much time viewing programs like "NOVA" and the Discovery Channel, etc., whenever possible. Though only a layman, I quite enjoy such scientific presentations.

    I think we'd agree that this experiment only relates to one's perception of the body, and fails to address adapting to the actual differences in the routing of signals, both tactile and motor. In truth, the 'mind' driving the V.R. body was still inhabiting its original brain, thus, still employing its 'native' environment.

    I believe that the differences in signal routing, (as would be shown by comparison of F.M.R.Is.) would be (somewhat) easily overcome for most autonomic functions, while certain sensory and motor functions, as well as coping with the greater difference in emotional 'wiring', might take more time adapt to.

    It seems that, if a mind could be transferred into a brain of the opposite gender, a truly androgyne or transgender mind would have a better time of adapting to its new environment, where a definitively gendered personality would be inclined to have a 'meltdown', rather akin to a body rejecting an organ transplant. (This is merely my speculation, of course, as I've no knowledge of any studies to support it.)

    Paz,Amor&Besos, Alectra;