Saturday, March 3, 2012

My WomAn Loves WomEn; A "Spell-Check-Fail 101"

  A frequent 'oops', it seems, in captions and stories involving the alteration of one gender to another, is the misuse of the singular and plural forms of "WOMAN".  Of course, in some of my wilder fantasies, I would love being turned into multiple womEn at once and turned loose to indulge myselvES in some kind of mind-warping, sappho-erotic, narcissism! However, most accounts in the TG/TF realm of a man being wrested of his manhood result in his alteration to womanhood as a single physical being, thus, A womAn.

(I have seen this so often in TG cap/fic-tion, that I have wondered if there is some, unknown to me, code in the genre which makes the concept of A man becoming A womEn, somehow, proper literary usage) (if this be the case, would someone, please, let me know, so that i may, in the future, compose properly!)

  I do wonder, though, with the slight difference in pronunciation between the two words, why the plural is not spelled " w-Y-(or)-I-men", as hearing it aloud, one generally discerns a short "i" sound.

  Anyhow, more fun with English and making men women, or a woman a man, or any combination thereof... have fun with it!!!


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