Monday, March 5, 2012

"Clive, In Hyding"

  Done with some request pics at the Possessionobsession3 YahooGroup, this story was expanded from one panel, adding the multi-panel second part. Drawing from the fabled 'Elixer' captions of Evie and her ever-erotic and inspirational "-burner" groups/blogs, the approach of Clive to refine and control the discoveries of Dr. Jekyll, yields different results. He hasn't even got a handle on the full scope of this variation yet, and it seems that the road to documenting its effects if fraught with detours, distractions and delays. Follow along as he tests, experiments and experiences the possibilities and limitations of the tempest he's let out of the beaker.

The adventure continues here:

Featuring the lovely likenesses of Kate Upton and Catherine Bell


  1. Hey w8z2x4m! (Curious, is there a rhyme/reason behind the name?)

    My name is Amy Jie and I didn't know how else to get a hold of you so hopefully this suffices. I just wanted to say thanks for putting a link to the new TF Media site!

    We're also having a caption contest if you wanted to join or give a shout out to your readers.

    Anyways, thanks again and happy capping!


  2. Wow! Thank you Amy! And you are certainly welcome for the link, (i'm still trying to cover many sources of enjoyment and inspiration with links and mentions.) I honestly haven't spent much time at the new iteration of TF Media yet, and am honored by your invitation!

    As for my handle, it is an alpha-numeric expression of of what I've done all my life, since L.J. "waits to transform". For general purposes, you can call me 'Elle' or 'Elle-Jae' as the feminine form of my initials.

    For a less public means of contact, I can be reached at (I should, and have been meaning to, update the profile comments and add a contact gadget.)

    Again, thank you so much, Amy! I'll slide by TF Media soon!


  3. I remember when I requested this caption. Still my favorite request.

    1. Wow, Eddie, what a way-back! Long time since I even touched an 'Elixir' theme. I'm glad you still like it, Hon! :-x :-x

    2. :) would love to see this continue in some form or another. We should do trades sometime as well.

    3. Noting is beyond the realm of the possible, Hon! I'm not the fastest at getting things done, but we could trade pieces! We can discuss ideas via email. :-x

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