Friday, July 22, 2011

Mystic Alchemy Massage & Spa

This is my first attempt in TG Capping. The images are by Sheanimale .com, and I got them from their free galleries. No breach or infringement of intellectual property is intended, rather my appre -she -ation for their beautiful, erotic, inspiring artwork. If any complaints or actions ensue from any infringement, I'll remove them post-haste upon my awareness thereof. 
  There is an attempted head-swap in the upper left corner of the p.5 'dream sequence'. It is a first try using free GIMP software. If anyone has some pointers, they'd surely be appreciated.


  1. Excellently written and very hot with some great kinky stuff inside. All I would say was that for me, it doesn't do it switching from animated to real life half way through. I'd stick to one or the other, though other people might disagree.

    I like how you've used different colours, speech bubbles and a good story line. Most of all you describe well and use some fantastic imagery to bring it to life.

    Pretty hot stuff babe... keep it up.

    - Argus

    P.S. BTW, could you have a more difficult name to remember? ;)

  2. Should we generally refer to me as, "Elle-Jae" or "Lynn-Joy", oh! "Lesley-Jules" !?

    I'll probably use them all at some point. But, truly, let me know your preferences!

    Thank you so much, Evie! Glad you liked it and I hope is was... stimulating. Hoping to have more ready soon.

    See you later, Sweetie!
    LJ w8z

  3. A general post about the 'toon- to- photo blend: My aim was for a kind of 'over the rainbow' element while our hero(ine) was dazing under Trixie's ministrations.
    Thought it rather fitting that the 'dream sequence' was real photo while the 'real story' was cartoon. (sorry, i'm kinda into juxtapositions)

    Evie, sorry for the redundant post, Honey!
    Toodles! LJ w8z

  4. Nice choice in images. Although I'm probably a little biased as the sheanimale images were created from a story I sent in to them. I'm not a member anymore but if you like the sample galleries and have a little extra cash it's something to consider.

    This is probably the most ambitious first caption I've ever seen. 13 panels, elaborate story, complex layouts, slight photo manipulation, I'm impressed. I couldn't have made this series. That being said, I'd probably recommend scaling back for your next couple of projects. The story got a little lost in the middle and while I think you made the switch between real pictures and the cartoons work, the fifth panel was overly confusing and distracted from what you were trying to do.

    But all that being said, you have some extremely hot writing in here. If you could find a way to keep that intensity and advance the plot at the same time you could create some truly amazing captions.

    I hope some of that was helpful. Again, fantastic first caption. I can't wait to see where you go next.

  5. Thank you, Rauk! I agree, p.5 is soo too busy, might have worked better as a long vertical layout,(sounds kinda fun-hehe), uhhum! or as 2 pages. The only manip I actually did is the crappy head-swap @ top left, my first attempt.

    My apologies for stepping on any toes or taking liberties with the Sheanimale images! (figures, the first major thing I publish runs right into its conceptual author! I could be such a ditz!) I just love their art, it is so inspirational! Especially the story-lines actually involving the TF,(they get me all bumpy). Alas circumstances prevent my joining the site, so I've gleaned some available images to play with, hoping no one objects.

    Sorry, running off at the brain.

    Thanks again! LJ w8z

  6. nice....
    you're quite the writer!!!!! page 5 was a bit busy....but overall....very hot!!!!!

    the sister downstairs