Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mher'Phe: The TGenie Decanted; Ch.1.2

Welcome back.

We return to find our lasciviously joined pair, L.J. MacThewes and Mher'Phe- the ethereal being we would all love to encounter some iteration of- while they engage in discourse, and intercourse, to consummate their relationship as master(?) and mystical, magical, morphical(?) muse.

Heads-up: This being the result of popping  my caption cherry, it may be a bit rambling or amateurish. Regardless, I hope you find it bearable, or bare -able, and like the concept if not the content.

LJ w8z


  1. Hey there! could someone, please, give a newbie a point-er?
    'After the jump' / 'Read more'
    Do I have to create another page or something?

    Thanks. xx LJ w8z

  2. OOPS! Nevermind! It worked! I never thought I was such a bimbo!