Friday, July 22, 2011

Good day! And welcome to "day 1"

  Greetings, and salutations, all you TG/TF-ees&ers!  I'm starting this blog to hold a spot for some TG &/or TF captions, (and if I get reasonably good with the software, some manips too). It will take me a bit to get familiar with the ins & outs of working with blogger. And I might be seeking some pointers and instruction from some  of the more experienced of you LaydHEs & GentHERmen, if you don't mind.
  I'm not into guys,(though i have been with 1 or 2), but I love women and the female form so much, that I have long longed to be with a woman as a woman myself! I'm sure some posts will involve hetero and M2F/F2M bodyswaps or TFs which result in the 'full scope of physical experience', but plan on lots of M2F-Lesbian and Trans-Lesbian oriented material. OH! And hermaphrodite/futanari too
  I've enjoyed much of the work that many of you have done, yet I've remained silent. I Beg your forgiveness, and pray my offerings be found pleasing and acceptable by you all.
  Peace, Love, Blessings; lj mthws / w8z2x4m

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